TMC's Exercise Programs

TMC’s exercise programs include modalities that are therapeutic and restorative in nature. In summary, the classes involve the following:


“Move Well” Strength and Conditioning: Human Movement
Essentrics®: Joint Movements
Yoga: Stretching and Relaxation


Our class sizes are small groups of 4-8 people, so the certified trainers can customize each session. The smaller class size enables our trainers to watch your form and can modify exercises for each individual. Our exercise modalities keep mobility as the central focus. Please read the class descriptions below for more information.

"Move Well" Strength & Conditioning Instructor: Eric Schmelzer

Eric SchmelzerLack of movement and less than optimal postures can help develop muscle imbalances which in turn can cause tight muscles, weak muscles, and even pain. This class uses kettlebells, animal locomotion patterns, and bodyweight strength progressions to help combat these imbalances and build a strong, functional, resilient human.

Tuesdays at 7:30am-8:30am

One-on-one instruction available

Hatha Yoga with Mary Ellen Bybik

Hatha Yoga is a series of poses, or postures, that focuses on body
alignment and relaxation. These poses help to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Students often experience less stress and an increased sense of calm. Each class will begin with a variety of warm up moves, including mindfulness practice and end with the pose of relaxation, savasana. Suitable for beginners, modifications will be offered to meet individual needs. Please bring a yoga mat to class.

Saturday mornings at 8:45, beginning 1/13/2018

Essentrics® with Jill Roth

Essentrics® is a simultaneous dynamic stretch and strengthening full body fitness program. It is composed of everyday-type movements following circular patterns aimed at rebalancing and lubricating the muscles, joints and connective tissue. This workout is designed for those looking for a non-impact routine aimed at improving posture, increasing flexibility, rebalancing the body to help reduce pain and aid in weight loss. This class uses your own body for resistance and occasionally bands.

One-on-one instruction available

Restore & Renew Yoga with Mary Ellen Coleman

Come enjoy 60 minutes of gentle-to-moderate movement in this all-levels practice. Moving with attention to alignment, breathing and awareness, the participant will have the opportunity to restore and renew the body, mind and spirit. Participants will move from the floor to standing poses and back to the floor. Each class will include breathing practices and guided relaxation to instill a deep reset and renewal. A perfect class for those new to yoga and those who have more experience but want to have a gentler and more introspective practice.

Tuesday evenings from 7pm-8pm beginning 1/9/18