Betsy CornellSpecializing in Orthopedic/Neuromuscular Therapy and Deep Swedish Massage

Betsy graduated from Massage Away, Inc. School of Therapy, which is now the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio. She also holds a degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology. License #7260. OSU and BWC Certified Provider

If you hear beautiful music being sung in our office, it’s likely to be Betsy! A professional vocalist, she also lends her voice and community service to the Harmony Project, Columbus’ 400-member choral group where members must “serve to sing”.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about 14 years ago and I try very hard to prevent the disease from getting worse.  In addition to daily exercise, I have found that a weekly massage really helps me endure the continuous body pains that come from Parkinson’s.  Not all massages are the same.  At TMC Medical Massage & Movement, their therapists are trained to look for and focus on the problem areas of your body.  Whether it is your neck, back, arms or your legs, TMC goes well beyond the normal massage to help you feel better.  I would highly recommend giving them a try. 

–Jerry Y.

My name is John Leahy and I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran who suffered a debilitating stroke in March 2012. This stroke left me with limited abilities on the right side of my body (hemi-paralysis). I have been seeing a number of healthcare providers both through the Veterans Administration and through my private physician and have regained at least limited mobility over the years. Unfortunately, for the last few years, this has been accompanied by intractable lower back pain, attributed to the changes in gait encountered while walking. In April of this year, my VA physician suggested therapeutic massage as a potentially helpful addition to my therapeutic milieu. Rather than travel across the city to the VA clinic, he suggested that I find a therapeutic massage provider on the Northwest side of Columbus. I did so,and began seeing Ms. Betsy Cornell, LMT at the Therapeutic Massage Center on Larwell Road in early May. On the first visit I required the assistance of my good wife and others to get out of her car and to negotiate the very short walk to the front door of the massage center. I began with weekly, then bimonthly and now monthly therapeutic massages by Ms Cornell. Suffice it to say that they have been overwhelmingly effective and I now drive myself and routinely walk from the furthest spot in the parking lot into the massage center without any assistance. If the ambient pain level prior to the massage was, say, eight, it is now one or two. There have been days when I have essentially been pain free; a situation which I would have never expected when I first entered into massage therapy. This is the only therapeutic change to have occurred during this period and I must attribute this beneficial development solely to the skills and dedication of Ms. Cornell. I recommend her services without reservation!

- John, Columbus, OH