Specializing in Structural Integration

Audrie received her education from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2009. License # 33.022031. OSU and BWC Certified Provider.

Other modalities trained in:

Aside from her passion for promoting wellness through massage, Audrie gains fulfillment and joy by way of dance. She strives not only for her own pleasure, but also to inspire and encourage anyone who might foster the same love for her art. You may also see Audrie “bust a move” in the lobby when she thinks no one is watching! Her love for dance truly shows through in everything she does. She brings a lot of smiles to TMC.


9 years ago, I received a yoga adjustment that tipped my left femur slightly out of socket.  2 ½ years ago the femur shifted and was then no longer bone on bone.  That’s when things really fell apart-the joint was happier, but my leg didn’t work.  Even with all of my healing modalities (physical therapy, yoga, acupuncture and therapeutic massage).  I had limited range of motion, stairs were a challenge and walking painful.


Audrie Byrne came highly recommended, so I began Structural Integration sessions with her.  She was attentive and respectful and incredibly knowledgeable; her insightful assessment and skillful massage yielded immediate results, releasing adhesions and tight connective tissue. 


I also saw Eric Schmelzer for Myofascial Release and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, which broke up major and minor adhesions resulting in greater range of motion and functionality. 


I’m so incredibly thankful for these two fantastic practitioners.  In the 6 months I worked with them, I made more rapid progress than in the entire preceding two years, and I’m now walking and climbing stairs without pain.


With sincere appreciation!

– Karen V.

I felt safe with all the hygiene protocols that you have put in place. I was so grateful for Audrie. I really needed bodywork!

– Mary

Audrey was recommended to me by a friend. She is very thorough . I have already recommended her to a friend.

– Faiza

I truly appreciate the care and concern from the owner Elaine Miller and my skilled massage therapist Audrie Byrne and all the staff to ensure safety and good health while they work to serve others.

– Andrea

I truly appreciated all of the precautions put into place to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, Audrie is able to give me pain relief from my chronic tennis elbow in a way nothing else can.

– Jennifer

Because everyone at TMC is super friendly and the service they deliver is awesome!

– Laurel

Great massage. +++ Professional setting. Adhering to Covid precautions.

– Kathy

TMC is amazing! From the minute you walk in the door until the time you leave! The variety of therapists are amazing and everyone will find someone perfect for them!

– Krista