General Massage

General massage techniques may incorporate several types of massage therapy.  Our experienced massage therapists will individualize your massage to include techniques to effectively address your specific needs.  Our facility is ADA accessible.

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Medical Massage

Medical Massage requires ongoing education for the LMTs. In order to be classified as a medical massage, a certificate of continued education will be on display.

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Exercise & Special Services

TMC’s exercise program includes modalities that are therapeutic and restorative in nature. In summary, the classes involve the following:

“Move Well” Strength and Conditioning: Human Movement
Essentrics®: Joint Movements
Yoga: Stretching and Relaxation

Our class sizes are small groups of 4-8 people, so the certified trainers can customize each session.  The smaller class size enables our trainers to watch your form and can modify exercises for each individual.  Our exercise modalities keep mobility as the central focus.  Please read the class description below for more information.

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