Keeping Our Clients & Staff Safe During Covid-19

Below is a list of what we have done to keep TMC Medical Massage and Movement clients and staff safe as recommended by the CDC and the State Medical Board of Ohio.

List of TMC facility COVID-19 mandates and recommendations:

• All upholstered furniture has been replaced with wipeable hard surface furniture.
• To maintain social distancing, there are only two hard surfaced chairs in the lobby that have been placed 6’ apart.
• All treatment room furniture has been removed with exception of a massage table, hard surfaced chair, and a small table and/or bookcase. All small, non-essential items have been removed and all surfaces will be sanitized after each client.
• There will only be one or two people allowed in the lobby at a time to assure a 6’ distance.
• TMC’s credit card machine has been upgraded to a touchless model. All TMC’s electronics will be sanitized between each use with a special sanitizing agent.
• Hand sanitizer will be available at the front door for each person who enters and exits.
• Each treatment room and lobby have an air purifier for air cleaning and air movement.
• Each client is expected to bring their own mask to wear during the massage. If forgotten, a clean, washable, cotton masks will be provided. There will be a receptacle near the front door to return the TMC mask as you are leaving the facility.
• Each client will be asked a series of prescreening health-related questions prior to entering the treatment room. If his/her answers disclose a health risk, their massage will be rescheduled to a later date.
• Our receptionist and massage staff will wear face coverings/masks at all times.
• The treatment table will have customary table warmers. The table and table warmer will be covered in plastic for easy sanitizing.
• Face cradles will not have a fleece pad and will only have a clean face cradle cover. This cover will be removed and sanitized after each treatment.
• All nonpermeable surfaces, such as face cradles, bolsters and pillows will be sanitized after each client.
• Fresh HEPA filters will be replaced on the furnace/air conditioner units more often than recommended by the manufacturer.
• We will deep clean the facility regularly and we will sanitize all hard surfaces between each client.
• All rooms have a covered trash can with a foot pedal.
• All individuals entering TMC (vendors, visitors, contractors, etc.) must wear face coverings.
• The carpets and flooring have been professionally cleaned and sanitized before reopening. This process will be repeated on a regular basis.

List of TMC massage therapist COVID-19 mandates and recommendations:

• Each massage therapist will be provided educational materials, training, and reinforcement of proper sanitation.
• Each massage therapist will be wearing goggles, a mask, and an apron/smock during the massage. The massage therapist will wear gloves upon client request.
• The massage therapist will have shoes that remain at the facility and are changed into when the therapist arrives at TMC.
• The massage therapists will complete a daily symptom assessment upon arrival to work including a temperature check.
• Therapists are required to stay home if they are symptomatic.
• Each massage therapist will have their own new electronic tablet to chart client notes. Each night these tablets will be sanitized and charged.
• Regular handwashing by employees will be done thoroughly, up to the elbow, using CDC guidelines. This includes directly following the massage as the client dresses and entering/leaving the room.
• Gloves will be worn by all massage therapists during the massage, if appropriate or requested by the client. Before leaving the treatment room, the therapist will remove the gloves and apply a generous amount of hand sanitizer to their hands.
• The therapist will dispose of all single-use materials between clients.
• There will be a list for room sanitation protocol to be checked-off after each client according to CDC and State Medical Board guidelines.
• All surfaces in the treatment room will have a nonpermeable cover including the treatment table. All surfaces including the massage table, room chair, room table, light switch, etc. will be sanitized between each client.
• Soiled linens will be stored outside of the treatment room in a container with a lid. As in the past, our linen service will remove soiled linens and sanitize them off-site.

List of TMC client COVID-19 mandates and recommendations:

• Each client will be required to wear a mask. Please bring your mask with you for your appointment. If you forget to bring your mask, TMC will provide a cotton mask for you to wear during your appointment. Please return the TMC washable cotton mask to the receptacle in the lobby as you are checking out with administrative assistant.
• We will ask clients to enter the TMC facility no more than (2) minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. When entering the lobby/reception area, client instructions will be provided by the administrative assistant or they will be immediately escorted to the treatment room by their therapist.
• Client appointment times will be staggered for your safety.
• Clients are to come to their appointments alone.
• Each client will be asked a series of prescreening health-related questions prior to entering the treatment room. If his/her answers disclose a health risk, their massage will be rescheduled to a later date.
• Once in the treatment room the client will complete any appropriate paperwork if it is not done prior.
• New TMC clients will be asked to complete their intake form online prior to their scheduled appointment.
• Clients should bring their own water, but we will also have some bottled water on site if requested.
• Each client will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entry to and exit from our facility.

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