Welcome Adrianne and Zach to the TMC Team!

Adrianne MillerTMC would like to introduce Adrianne, our new personal trainer. Adrianne has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. Along with continued education in the fitness field, Adrianne is a personal trainer ACSM cPT and has taught exercise classes since 2011. Some of Adrianne’s specialty areas include balance, flexibility, and weight training. She personally trains with weights daily, practices yoga and teaches barre. We welcome Adrianne to TMC and look forward to her working with you!

Zach graduated from American Institute of Alternative Medicine, located in Columbus, Ohio as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2007. His special technique is unique and gentle. He has been trained and has taught other LMTs Myofascial Release tequniques and Neuromuscular Therapy. Zach works with sports and other injuries, chronic illness and general musculoskeletal pain. Zach will customize a treatment/plan for you. Please help us welcome Zach to our team.

We are excited to add these specialists to our team as we are here to serve you!

FSA/HSA cards accepted for massage therapy

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Responsible Reopening Update

Hello, TMC friends!

On May 20, 2020, TMC opened our doors to start seeing clients. The welcome was overwhelming and we wanted to share some feedback.

Here is what some of our clients have to say…

“Best massage I have ever had, staff was friendly and followed all COVID guidelines.”

“I felt very safe during my massage and am happy to see the safety measures that were in place.”

“Kristine is wonderful. I felt VERY confident in the precautions taken against the pandemic and would recommend her or really anyone at TMC!”

“I truly appreciated all of the precautions put into place to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, Audrie is able to give me pain relief from my chronic tennis elbow in a way nothing else can.”

“The therapist specializes in migraine and neck pain. She was friendly and professional. It was a very clean facility with Covid precautions clearly in place. And I don’t have a headache today! ”

TMC has taken ALL the safety and sanitation precautions mandated and recommended by the CDC and State Medical Board. This information is available on our website: www.tmc-ua.com.

If you are feeling “not ready” and would like a conversation with one of our staff, we are here for you. Please call at 614-442-6754 or send an email to [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Be well,

The staff and therapists at
TMC Medical Massage & Movement

Keeping Our Clients & Staff Safe During Covid-19

Below is a list of what we have done to keep TMC Medical Massage and Movement clients and staff safe as recommended by the CDC and the State Medical Board of Ohio.

List of TMC facility COVID-19 mandates and recommendations:

• All upholstered furniture has been replaced with wipeable hard surface furniture.
• To maintain social distancing, there are only two hard surfaced chairs in the lobby that have been placed 6’ apart.
• All treatment room furniture has been removed with exception of a massage table, hard surfaced chair, and a small table and/or bookcase. All small, non-essential items have been removed and all surfaces will be sanitized after each client.
• There will only be one or two people allowed in the lobby at a time to assure a 6’ distance.
• TMC’s credit card machine has been upgraded to a touchless model. All TMC’s electronics will be sanitized between each use with a special sanitizing agent.
• Hand sanitizer will be available at the front door for each person who enters and exits.
• Each treatment room and lobby have an air purifier for air cleaning and air movement.
• Each client is expected to bring their own mask to wear during the massage. If forgotten, a clean, washable, cotton masks will be provided. There will be a receptacle near the front door to return the TMC mask as you are leaving the facility.
• Each client will be asked a series of prescreening health-related questions prior to entering the treatment room. If his/her answers disclose a health risk, their massage will be rescheduled to a later date.
• Our receptionist and massage staff will wear face coverings/masks at all times.
• The treatment table will have customary table warmers. The table and table warmer will be covered in plastic for easy sanitizing.
• Face cradles will not have a fleece pad and will only have a clean face cradle cover. This cover will be removed and sanitized after each treatment.
• All nonpermeable surfaces, such as face cradles, bolsters and pillows will be sanitized after each client.
• Fresh HEPA filters will be replaced on the furnace/air conditioner units more often than recommended by the manufacturer.
• We will deep clean the facility regularly and we will sanitize all hard surfaces between each client.
• All rooms have a covered trash can with a foot pedal.
• All individuals entering TMC (vendors, visitors, contractors, etc.) must wear face coverings.
• The carpets and flooring have been professionally cleaned and sanitized before reopening. This process will be repeated on a regular basis.

List of TMC massage therapist COVID-19 mandates and recommendations:

• Each massage therapist will be provided educational materials, training, and reinforcement of proper sanitation.
• Each massage therapist will be wearing goggles, a mask, and an apron/smock during the massage. The massage therapist will wear gloves upon client request.
• The massage therapist will have shoes that remain at the facility and are changed into when the therapist arrives at TMC.
• The massage therapists will complete a daily symptom assessment upon arrival to work including a temperature check.
• Therapists are required to stay home if they are symptomatic.
• Each massage therapist will have their own new electronic tablet to chart client notes. Each night these tablets will be sanitized and charged.
• Regular handwashing by employees will be done thoroughly, up to the elbow, using CDC guidelines. This includes directly following the massage as the client dresses and entering/leaving the room.
• Gloves will be worn by all massage therapists during the massage, if appropriate or requested by the client. Before leaving the treatment room, the therapist will remove the gloves and apply a generous amount of hand sanitizer to their hands.
• The therapist will dispose of all single-use materials between clients.
• There will be a list for room sanitation protocol to be checked-off after each client according to CDC and State Medical Board guidelines.
• All surfaces in the treatment room will have a nonpermeable cover including the treatment table. All surfaces including the massage table, room chair, room table, light switch, etc. will be sanitized between each client.
• Soiled linens will be stored outside of the treatment room in a container with a lid. As in the past, our linen service will remove soiled linens and sanitize them off-site.

List of TMC client COVID-19 mandates and recommendations:

• Each client will be required to wear a mask. Please bring your mask with you for your appointment. If you forget to bring your mask, TMC will provide a cotton mask for you to wear during your appointment. Please return the TMC washable cotton mask to the receptacle in the lobby as you are checking out with administrative assistant.
• We will ask clients to enter the TMC facility no more than (2) minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. When entering the lobby/reception area, client instructions will be provided by the administrative assistant or they will be immediately escorted to the treatment room by their therapist.
• Client appointment times will be staggered for your safety.
• Clients are to come to their appointments alone.
• Each client will be asked a series of prescreening health-related questions prior to entering the treatment room. If his/her answers disclose a health risk, their massage will be rescheduled to a later date.
• Once in the treatment room the client will complete any appropriate paperwork if it is not done prior.
• New TMC clients will be asked to complete their intake form online prior to their scheduled appointment.
• Clients should bring their own water, but we will also have some bottled water on site if requested.
• Each client will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entry to and exit from our facility.

Say Hello to 2019!

As we transition from 2018 into the new year, thank you for your continued partnership, friendship, and patronage. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in 2019!

Don’t forget your Flexible Spending and Health Savings Account Monies!

Be sure to check your end-of-year statements to review your 2018 balance. These funds are typically “use it or lose it”, although you may have until March 15, 2019 to deplete your 2018 account.

Link to Additional Resources

If increased movement or exercise is part of your 2019 Resolutions, join TMC for our weekly exercise and movement classes!

“Move Well” Strength and Conditioning: Human Movement
Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30 AM – taught by Eric Schmelzer

Lack of movement and less than optimal postures can help develop muscle imbalances which in turn can cause tight muscles, weak muscles, and even pain. This class uses kettlebells, animal locomotion patterns, and bodyweight strength progressions to help combat these imbalances and build a strong, functional, resilient human.

Yoga: Stretching and Relaxation
Saturdays 8:45 AM – taught by Mary Ellen Bybik

Hatha Yoga is a series of poses, or postures, that focuses on body alignment and relaxation. These poses help to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Students often experience less stress and an increased sense of calm. Each class will begin with a variety of warm up moves, including mindfulness practice and end with the pose of relaxation, savasana. Suitable for beginners, modifications will be offered to meet individual needs. Please bring a yoga mat to class.

Need a last minute gift? Give a gift certificate!

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, forgetting your “Dear Aunt Edith” is bound to happen. Solve the problem quickly with a gift certificate to TMC, by visiting Giftedd.

Choose one of the options we have listed, or choose your own preferred option.

Visit Giftedd here.

Open Enrollment and FSA/HSA

FSA & HSA Can Be Used For Massage Therapy

 If you use your FSA (Flex Spending Acct.) or HSA (Health Spending Acct.):

  • Pre-tax dollars are used.  That means the money you spend will not be taxed, giving you more for your money.
  • No sales tax will be charged with current prescription.
  • The FSA/HSA will be funded by payroll deductions over the year.
  • You will budget during your open enrollment period for your annual massage therapy usage.
Click here to see our pricing for 2018.  This can help you budget for your FSA or HSA during open enrollment.
IMPORTANT:  You must obtain a new Letter of Medical Necessity/Prescription or Referral for medical massage from your doctor or medical provider.


Moving Day® – Parkinson’s Foundation – A Movement For Change
September 24, 2017, great day at the Parkinson’s walk – Moving Day.
Thank you Jerry Yarov for the invitation.
Massage and Parkinson’s… what a great combo!

Our fun, new website is up and running!

Our  fun, new website is up and running.


Take a look and let us know your feedback! 

Other news…

  • You asked, we listened.  The 3-pack is back, making your purchases easier.  $185 for 3 General Massage sessions.  This makes each 1-hour session $61.66.
  • Introducing our new referral program.  Starting in 2017, when your family and friends visit our center for the first time, not only do they receive a $5 credit, but so do you!  Your guest just needs to tell us who referred them and you will both receive this credit.

With the opening of our new facility, we have created more openings and an additional therapist!  No waiting! Please call our office to schedule, go online to www.tmc-ua.com or send us an email at [email protected]

Exercise classes are filling up!
Go to our new website or call our office and reserve your spot today.  Class Schedule

www.tmc-ua.com or 614-442-6754


Our facility is complete!

Thank you for letting us be your go-to massage center!

We appreciate you! You have followed us through our move and now here are some of the exciting changes for 2017:

•Our new website will be unveiled this month. It will make scheduling easier and will have a link to alerts and newsletters. It will also have fun information about our therapists and what they like to do outside the treatment room, such as hobbies and other fun stuff.

•Our facility is complete! The gym has its new mirror and pull-up bar and we have been having group fitness classes. Click here for the full schedule of classes and descriptions.

• Like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tmcua/) to see articles about health and movement written by our own Eric Schmelzer. His first article has been posted! Take a look.

•We have openings! No waiting! We have added more massage hours. Please call our office to schedule, go online to www.tmc-ua.com or send us an email at [email protected]


Introducing our newest massage therapist, Betsy Cornell.  Betsy has a long history in the massage industry.  She comes to us with 19 years of experience.  Betsy specializes in trigger point therapy and massage for people living with chronic illness.

The TMC team wishes you Peace, Love and Laughter in the new year!